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A man nearly died when a severed snake head bit him

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  • A man nearly died when a severed snake head bit him

    For those of us who are not disappointed when we've spent a day on the river and not encountered a snake.


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    Moral of the story. Leave snakes alone.


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      Growning up in the estuaries of the Chesapeake Bay in VA, I learned early on to leave snakes alone!! Those Water Moccasins, though not present everywhere in the region, are not to be messed with!
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        I actually saw something like this once. Around 1980, a guy killed a rattler on the Deschutes because he wanted the skin for a hatband. He whacked the snake several times, and after it became inert, he picked it up to do the skinning. It had enough reflexes to sink its fangs into the base of his thumb. Not a deadly wound, but something that is painful and takes time to heal. Make sure that a snake is not just dead but really, really, truly dead before picking up!


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          I normally leave snakes alone, but some years ago I killed a rattler in a busy campground. My jr high son was napping, so after beheading the corpse I stretched rest of the 3-footer out on the picnic table for him to examine. An hour and a half later he emerged from the tent and I called his attention to the defunct reptile. He looked it over and then poked it with a finger. At that provocation the long-dead HEADLESS SNAKE COILED, RATTLED AND STRUCK at empty air! It was pure evil incarnate. I swear by all that is holy this is a true statement.


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          And they say that they’re more afraid of us than we are of them. I can guarantee nobody will be afraid of my corpse.
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            What a bunch of arseholes..
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              Tight Lines...