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    I fished in the Maupin area Sunday evening and all day Monday. Monday was a Euro nymphing day and will get its own thread tomorrow.

    I rowed my inflatable to the west side and was fishing by 6:30 pm. Because I had a full day scheduled for Monday, I told myself, "Self, quit before you get tired. The rule is: hook six fish or 8:00, whichever comes first."

    My rig was a size 14 olive Foam Caddis with a Silvey Super Sinker on an 18 inch 5X dropper. When I hooked and landed a trout on the first cast, I thought, "Crap! At this rate I'll be done in ten minutes!"

    While the action did not continue at that same pace, I'd hooked six fish by 7:15. So I revised the rule from "hooked six fish" to "landed six fish."

    But after landing five fish I decided they had to be six trout, so that whitefish didn't count.

    After a few more fish, I decided that it had to be six decent trout, and that 8 inchers weren't decent.

    Anyway, I packed it in at 8:15, which was hard because I was still catching fish and it was only getting better.

    So in 1.75 hours I had 12 hookups, with six decent trout landed. Most of the fish took the dropper, not the dry. Lots of caddis were buzzing around, and trout were rising and active. It felt like I'd stepped back in time ten years ago.
    aka Scott Richmond

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    Good to hear! I'm due for a trip out there. I always do one summer trip to feel the heat and get in some evening caddis madness and morning back eddy action. I also want to see the canyon in its current state.


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      Great report. Thanks. Your method of self-negotiation is better than just "one more cast... just one more cast... ok, last cast... one more last cast...."

      - JR


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        Originally posted by J.R. View Post
        Your method of self-negotiation is better than just "one more cast... just one more cast... ok, last cast... one more last cast...."

        - JR
        Done that too.
        aka Scott Richmond


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          Good report- another take on the "one more cast" philosophy. Years ago on Caddis nights I recall drifting toward the Trout Creek campground hoping someone had a lantern going. I was a guest on a boat, and fishing near dark was fabulous.


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            Thanks for the report Fuzzy! Sounds like a fine the dry dropper.

            lookin forward hearing about ur euro nymphing.....I spent a few days last fall focusing on euro/high sticking whatever u wana call it, around Trout creek and had a blast......anyone who relies on an indo should take the leap into the zen of naked nymphing.


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              I was wondering if that was your truck parked at Nina on Sunday evening.


              • Fuzzy
                Fuzzy commented
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                Yup. That was me.

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              Got to sneak away for an hour from my rafting guide duties after dinner was cleaned up Wednesday night. Got a nice fish on a green body caddies dry which fell apart after that fish and of course I did not have another with that green body. Tried a few other colored caddies to no avail with a few fish rising, so I switched to a green body soft hackle and swung in another fish before having to get back to “work”
              Look to the positive!


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                Nice! Sounds like you have a rough life...


                • Redhawk50
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                  Teacher during the school year, guiding rafts in the summer to earn extra cash. It is finally a summer gig I will stick too for a long time if possible.