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Polarized Glasses?

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  • Polarized Glasses?

    I'm looking to get a pair of polarized glasses and don't know to much about the "technology."

    My biggest problem is I wear prescription glasses and don't have contacts so I need to get a prescription version.
    Looking at sites like Warby Parker, some of their sunglasses options say they're polarized, I just don't know if that's the same us fisherman are looking for.

    Any thoughts?

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    Pretty sure that "polarized" is polarized no matter what. The coating filters light from certain directions and cuts glare.

    I wear prescription Ray Bans sunglasses and love having them. Great for fishing and driving. Best $300 bucks I ever spent.

    A couple of things to think about. First, I need to wear magnifiers for tying knots and close in work so I added a small "reader" section to my sunglasses. Now I can tie knots without changing glasses but it does make wading a bit difficult because I look down thru the readers. Also, polarized glasses darken my I-phone screen, so I often turn the phone sideways to see it better.

    Hope this helps, Stevie
    The Catchin' Ninny


    • mcswny
      mcswny commented
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      "Pretty sure that "polarized" is polarized no matter what."
      ^ Exactly what I was looking for.

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    Depending on the style of your present glasses frames, you can find good quality clip on polarized glasses. I have wire frame glasses (tri-focal) and use clip on sunglasses and they work just fine for me.


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      I can't say this with certainty, but I think there are differences in polarizing effects. I can't swear to this but my better glasses (at least the ones I paid more for) seem to have more ability to cut glare than my cheapo, yellow lens, polarized fishing glasses from the 1990s. Didn't mean to be a contrarian but I think there may be differencing in polarizing.


      • Stevie B
        Stevie B commented
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        Hey JD,
        Yea good point...true yellow lenses are often lousy at polarization for some reason. It would be nice to have enhanced low light vision AND polarization but that combo seems to be difficult.
        Cheers, S
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      • Crawbugger
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        My Oakleys with the amber yellow lenses work Outstanding.

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      Never go fishing without them... Spendy but worth it!


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        You do get what you pay for...your sight is one of the most important things in most fishing (and life), why mess around? Right now, I use a pair of Smith with polarchromic glass lenses and they are better than anything else I've ever used. That said, having tried out a pair of Costas with the 580 glass lenses, they are superior.


        • Clarkman
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          Yeah, that's tricky...I know Costa does prescription lenses. I'd guess that others do's not cheap.

        • pigs
          pigs commented
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          I'd look into Smith or Costa......I currently use Smith Chromapop amber......pretty Costa Blackfins were the most comfortable and coolest looking I've ever owned, but they live in the Metolius now..

        • goinoregon
          goinoregon commented
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          I have prescription lenses, and spend a bunch on my day to day glasses. so I moved over to Costco for sunglasses. I think their polarized are fine, and great pricing.


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        This is a nice feature from Smith