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Fly box found lower Deschutes (around beavertail)

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  • Fly box found lower Deschutes (around beavertail)

    Was fishing the river on Saturday and found a flybox stocked with a fair assortment of flies. The box would be pretty easy to identify by it's color and sticker. It had a little of everything in it.
    I'll follow this thread for a while. If it's your's post a description and I'll get it headed your way.

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    Hello I lost a box there in the spring full of caddis pupae pheasant tails and a whole lot more I had bought the box and flies second hand it was a plastic 2 sided box do not remember the brand latches on both sides if this sounds right let me know one heck of a lot of flies to lose in a day without even fishing them thanks


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      Hey 'Tuber,

      Very nice of you to post the found box. It's not mine btw.

      Cheers, Stevie

      The Catchin' Ninny


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        That one might be my missing box. Dark green plastic with a small hologram-ish sticker. “A little bit of everything” sounds about right. I had camped at Beavertail mid September and put all my lighter fly gear away for the season after that trip. I went to pull it all out this morning for a warm water trip and couldn’t find that box. Tore my house apart until I entertained the idea that while hiking around I might have lost it way back then.
        If it’s too late that’s understandable. Mostly just wanted to say thanks for trying.