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Beavertail this weekend

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  • Beavertail this weekend

    Hey there,

    A buddy and I will be camping at Beavertail (or Jones Canyon if BT is full) from Friday through Tuesday. I'll be driving a white GMC Sierra and towing a white Koffler. If anyone is out and about, swing by for a cold one.



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    I doubt any CG down the access road will be full.....that whole section of the lower D is a ghost town compared to what it used to be.


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      We had a great time fishing over the weekend. My performance was par for the course. Ryan was lights out on Saturday and Monday. River wasn't to busy.

      Saturday: Pine Tree to Beavertail. Overcast skies no wind.. Me: 0/1 Ryan: 2/3. He picked my pocket on the first two runs!
      Sunday: PT to BT. Sunny then overcast no wind. Both went 0/0 with a couple plucks/tugs.
      Monday. BT to Macks. Drissled all day. No wind. Me: 0/1. Hooked a really hot, bright fish that we suppose is a B run. Ryan: 3/4 and picked my pocket twice again!
      Tuesday: BT to Macks. Sunny then overcast. Wind picked up around 7 am. Ouch. Me: 0/1 screamed some line off, a couple head shakes and bye bye. Ryan: 0/1 a super brief hook up.

      All trailer axles are still attached.
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        Sounds like an awesome trip!


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          Just out of curiosity, how were you shuttling? Sounds like it was really fun!


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            Originally posted by DonT View Post
            Just out of curiosity, how were you shuttling? Sounds like it was really fun!
            Last year I was solo so a shuttle service was used. This year we had two rigs so we'd run the shuttle after floating PT to BT, or beforehand for BT to Macks.


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              Dang. Can't complain about that kind of action!
              Choices! We have a lot of choices in Oregon.


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                That's frigging awesome Jason! That really good action considering this years numbers. Wish I could have joined you.

                I've never been able to stop one of those B run fish yet, but I'd like to keep trying.


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                  Glad to hear about those axles holding up... I'm all out of bacon.