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Davis LMB in the fall?

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  • Davis LMB in the fall?

    Has anyone fished Davis for bass once the weather cooled off? Are they active on a cold rainy October day?

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    Not sure about the Bass - but I have heard some folks doing OK targeting trout.... Odd to think about Davis these days, Bass as the primary target, my how things have changed......


    • Patrick
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      How did these trout fishers get to the lake? Float tubes?

    • Peach
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      Yup on the South end. Pain in the ass - they had to go through 50+ yards of weeds and crap to get to where they can fish.

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    Bass are pretty much done after the water cools off. Im sure you can get some on a few streamers. but not much activity from them in the colder months.


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      Pretty sure the water isn't so cold that the fish completely shut down – that happens in the low to mid 40s. Went to check it out yesterday. Problem is there just isn't much water. I knew it would be low based on my last trip in late June. It was lower than I thought - the water was about at the edge of the rushes. I was hoping to be able to carry my canoe down the dry channel between the rushes without sinking in mud. As I drove down toward the lava flow landing, I notice a boat with a motor on the lake. Gave me hope. I got to the landing and thought it odd the truck didn't have a trailer attached. As I walked down the path (that is filled with water in the spring) to see if I would be able to get in, I noticed tire tracks. As I made the left turn to head toward the lake, I saw the source of the tire tracks - the trailer that should have been attached to the truck. Those guys pushed the trailer by hand far enough to get the boat in the water! I had all but made up my mind not to take the canoe off the car. Once I saw the trailer blocking the path, that last shred of hope was gone. I congratulate them on their effort!

      I figured I would check out the landing on the south end of the lake. I have never been down there. I found the landing, but there was about a ¼ mile of creek between the landing and the lake. Again, not worth the effort. Fun afternoon exploring!

      Maybe we need to get the folks who are set on dredging Mirror Pond in Bend to dredge a channel out into the lake .


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        More warm weather next week.
        The Catchin' Ninny