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  • Winter is Here

    I spent Tuesday afternoon on the Deschutes near Maupin. As near as I could tell, I was the only steelheader on that part of the river. Only.

    My original plan was to go Thursday and Friday, but the weather forecast for the end of the week looked dodgy, so I moved the trip up to Tuesday and Wednesday. Air temperature hovered around 35 for the afternoon, with no wind to speak of. Beautiful day in the neighborhood, but no one wanted to play except a nice trout that grabbed my swung fly. And from the trout anglers I talked to, that was one more trout than they were catching.

    Ran into a Westflyer named Scott (forgot the last name; sorry) who recognized my rig from the WST FLY license plate.

    By the end of the day I was feeling cold enough that I went home. The fish had offered no encouragement to stay, and I knew that I'd be dealing with even more cold as well as ice in the guides if I fished the next morning. I told myself that I'd had a nice day despite the lack of steelhead, so why ruin the experience by fishing another day? Of course, that's just a way of avoiding the obvious reason: I'm a wimp; fishing in the cold is bad enough, but doing it alone is even more chilling.
    aka Scott Richmond

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    I went and gave the Metolius a try this past Sunday to try out my new Euro rig.

    The morning started rough. I pulled over on 22 just before Marion Forks to go to the bathroom and locked me keys, phone and wallet in the car (I drove my wifes subaru and I'm not used to all the power locks etc, I still drive my 95 Toyota p/u that I bought 15 years ago, that you couldn't lock youself out of if you tried.) I ended up having to hitchhike back into Detroit to call my wife to get our insurance info to call and get a tow truck driver to then come pick me up at the market and take me back to my car. Didn't even have any money to get myself a coffee. Oh yeah, mind you this was at 6:45am!

    With all that, I only ended up losing 2 hours and was on the water by 10am instead of 8am. fished the area just above Bridge 99 and got skunked. Fished all likely spots a mile up. Was planning on walking back, eat some lunch and then head over to try some of the campground areas. Ended up seeing a bunch of big ole redsides cruising in a slow deep pocket and trying to sight fish them for an hour to no avail. That was about all the excitement I got from the river. It was a beautiful day with my starting temp at about 32. I layered the hell up and was super cozy all day.


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      Camped with Mr Chin and a couple of other guys at Long Bend this weekend. I think we were the only ones camped in the canyon above Maupin. I tried swinging, but my heart just wasn't in it, so I too took the euro rig out for a drive. Got a few, and found some new-to-me water below town. It was cold and clear Saturday night, but we had a big fire and Ryan is a great Dutch oven camp cook, so bellies were full and warm.
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        Nice to see you guys are getting out! I took my son for a quick Mac afternoon last a few before he got cold
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          Out here on the Fuzzy Farm, the pasture is surrounded by an "hot" wire that gives a 5000 volt jolt to any horse that touches it. The pulse is too short to damage the horse, but after that first shock, he maintains a respectful distance from the fence.

          Winter weather is like that. When those first blasts of cold wind hit, you think "Holy crap!" and go back to where it's warm and cozy and stay there for the rest of the winter.

          The trick to winter fishing, as I see it, is to persevere through that first shock--given that you have proper clothing and a thermos of warm liquid. The more you do it, the easier it is. But you also have to know when to come inside and get out of it.
          aka Scott Richmond


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            So true! When I lived in northern NV we used to snow shoe into spots on the East Carson River and Hot Creek.....we always had two thermos' with coffee, the other with some hearty soup.

            Then there was Pyramid Lake.....that place is brutal in the winter! Insulated boot foot neoprene waders with those lil chemical hand warmers was the ticket......I wore my neoprenes on the Mac and it was nice, except the boots have sucky traction. I need to put studs in em I guess

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          Side traction for lug soles? Studs? Aluminum bars?