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  • OR Fishing licenses

    It's a bit different this year... No waterproof paper anymore, online options...
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    You can't let one precious day slip by.

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    YEP...they announce the options earlier this year.
    I will have the Sportsman's Warehouse print it out and then laminate it at home


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      Just ran into this today myself, but they told me you could get a ticket if you reduce it or laminate it. Ziplock bag, the regs say. Anyway, let me know how the laminating goes.
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      • FinLuver
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        Let "they" give me a ticket for laminating it...I'd love to go to court on this one.

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      [QUOTE=PhilR;n9414 but they told me you could get a ticket if you reduce it or laminate it. [/QUOTE]
      Huh? Interesting...

      Phil, who is "they"?

      You don't even have to have the print-out because you can just have the app on your phone.
      The Catchin' Ninny


      • Canuck from KS
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        ... if ya got a smart phone...

      • PhilR
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        The cashier at fisherman’s. Sorry if it wasn’t clear. May not be the best source, but I’ve reached out to odfw for clarification.

        My beef about the app is that I just see another way to drop my phone in the drink. Maybe I should laminate my phone instead.
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      Went into a local fly shop last week to make the purchase, they couldn't even do it. They were waiting on their licensing or something. Will try a different shop today.



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        I got a printout. I don't have the app.....this feels like one of those "improvements" that can actually be the the car fob thing instead of a key..

        I spose it'll be cheaper to do, but we won't see any of the savings, you can bank on that!


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          Similar to having your insurance info on your phone, I'm always worried that it wont come up if I dont have service. Or you're phone is dead.


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            The new site wouldn’t even let me register, much less purchase a license. Guess they don’t have the bugs worked out.


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              I made a kind suggestion to the nice ODFW people on FB:

              "Here's an idea for improving next year's licenses: Print them on toilet paper. It's really plentiful: and cheap. And, at least that way if I get caught in a "situation" out in the woods, they'll be good for something."

              (I don't have strong feelings about this or anything.) To their credit, the response was better than I deserved.
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                I got mine yesterday at Fisherman's in OC. For an extra 50 cents they put it on waterproof paper.

                The app sounds like a mixed bag. As pointed out, you might not want to carry your phone with you when you're wading. At least you wouldn't have to remember to turn in your salmon/steelhead tag. On the other hand, if your phone is dead you're kinda out of luck. On yet another hand, you might forget to tag the fish until several months later (if you're like me). And on still one more hand, you're probably not going to catch one anyway (again, if you're like me).
                aka Scott Richmond


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                  I guess I'm in the other camp. I always carry my phone and keep it waterproof if needed. I forget my paper license about half the time. All you have to do is keep your phone charged up and it doesn't matter if there is service or not. The app works as long as your phone is alive. I guess for me, it's easier to keep a charged phone than remember where the paper license or orange folder is. I like it. I purchased the 2019 license from my phone app. I need a quick lesson on entering any hatchery fish I might retain during the year but I'll wander over to the office next week and work that out.



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                    Governmental Forced Way Of Life...
                    As Logan Runs on The Island while watching I-Robot; the rest of the world can worry about Soylent Green.
                    I'm getting the paper fits in my fishing vest easier, so I don't forget it.


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                      Found this post on another fly fishing forum site...

                      "Oregon has moved to their new mobile app licensing system. I'll make this short and just get to the point: It's an absolute mess. Here's a list of a few of the issues:
                      1. Despite their claims, the app does not work when out of service range to record your catch. This presents some serious challenges when it comes to being compliant with recording a catch. A law enforcement officer was recently asked what we're to do in this scenario, and he said it's OUR responsibility to get to cell service to record our catch before resuming fishing. Yeah, not happening.
                      2. The user interface has so, so many issues. My current favorite is that you have to scroll through an ordered list, one-by-one, of each catch area in order to select it and record your catch. There's several hundred. If you accidentally touch the screen outside this scroll menu, you get to start over again. There is no search function.
                      3. Some are reporting some of their hunting tags not showing up on their app license.
                      4. This app license is a day old, so I'm sure the problems will pile up as we all get to use them.
                      There's a paper license option. But instead of the nice, water-resistant receipt-width paper they've been on for years. They're now 8.5x11 printer paper. Let's add this to the fun: Tried to go in to the Dick's in Gresham to get my wife's license on New Years Eve. They said they weren't currently selling 2019 fishing licenses. Same story at Fred Meyer. so we went home and went online. Made her an online account, went to buy a license, and said we had to call in to ODFW office to verify her identity. Of course there's no answer there. So yesterday, her and my son got to go on a float with me and didn't fish (we were mostly just out to enjoy the day and splash around on the raft in the upper Sandy). Still, it should not be this hard."


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                        I have a suggestion. For your license, take a picture of it on your phone and save it. That way you can pull up the pic even if you don't have cell service.

                        As an aside, I do this when I travel... I have a pic of my driver's license, my passport, etc in case any of those are lost. I also email those pics to myself, so anywhere I can get to a computer, I can access my email and pull up those pics...just sayin'

                        Happy New Year everybody! I hope you have trouble tagging hatchery brats every fishing trip!!
                        The Catchin' Ninny


                        • PhilR
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                          That's a great idea for travel. I'll have to do that.

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