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Better Fishing in June?
Read One of These!

What Can We Learn from Competitive Fly Fishing?. Devin Olsen, a member of the US Fly Fishing Team, shares some very insightful tips about how to size up a river and tells us why we shouldn't just fish the same-old same-old way. MP3 audio, 14.43.

John Day River Smallmouth Bass. Marty Sheppard shares tips on fly fishing for smallmouth on the John Day River. (Audio)

Last-Minute Stones. Salmonfly/golden stone season is upon us. Try putting these three patterns in your fly box!

Choosing a Steelhead Fly Color. What color of steelhead fly should you choose for different conditions? Three pros offer their thoughts.

Beyond the Big Stones. When the big bugs are gone, trout focus on little green and yellow stoneflies. Be ready with these slick patterns.

Three Keys to Effective Damselfly Nymphs. Many stillwater trout grow huge on a diet of damselfly nymphs. But what kind of fly best fools them?

Epeorus: The Yellow Quills. This hatch baffles many fly anglers because they don't understand the bug's unusual habits.

Dragonflies. Dragonfly nymphs are big meal that's available year-round for stillwater trout.

Fishing the Salmonfly Hatch. Many anglers don't approach the salmonfly season as they should--and loose fish they shouldn't.

Little Yellow Stoneflies. Little yellow stoneflies are more important than most spring/early-summer fly anglers realize.

Quick Tip: One Way to Have Better Fishing. Want a better future? Take care of what we have today.

Quick Tip: Wind Drifting. This simple tactic for lakes is like cheating!