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Better Fishing in July?
Read One of These!

Spey Casting Tips from Mia Sheppard. World champion spey caster Mia Sheppard shares some tips on spey casting. (Video)

John Day River Smallmouth Bass. Marty Sheppard shares tips on fly fishing for smallmouth on the John Day River. (Audio)

Tactics: Hangout and Hangdown for More Steelhead. Many steelheaders omit or shortchange one of the most important aspects of their presentation.

Dry Fly Steelheading on the North Umpqua. Guide Dean Finnerty tells us how to skate dry flies for steelhead on the North Umpqua. (Audio)

Lower Deschutes Steelhead with Sam Sickles. Get Deschutes steelhead tips from guide Sam Sickles. (Audio)

The Forgotten Terrestrials. Trout eat more terrestrials than just hoppers, ants, and beetles. Learn about these forgotten bugs.

Last-Minute Stones. Salmonfly/golden stone season is upon us. Try putting these three patterns in your fly box!

Choosing a Steelhead Fly Color. What color of steelhead fly should you choose for different conditions? Three pros offer their thoughts.

Beyond the Big Stones. When the big bugs are gone, trout focus on little green and yellow stoneflies. Be ready with these slick patterns.

Tying Better Ants. Ants can be a major part a trout's summer diet in both rivers and lakes. What makes effective fly?

Three Keys to Effective Damselfly Nymphs. Many stillwater trout grow huge on a diet of damselfly nymphs. But what kind of fly best fools them?

Epeorus: The Yellow Quills. This hatch baffles many fly anglers because they don't understand the bug's unusual habits.

Dragonflies. Dragonfly nymphs are big meal that's available year-round for stillwater trout.

Net Spinning Caddis. Net spinning caddis are a major food source for Western trout. What flies and tactics work for each stage?

Little Yellow Stoneflies. Little yellow stoneflies are more important than most spring/early-summer fly anglers realize.

Terrestrials. Trout food comes from above as well as below.

Quick Tip: The Hex Hatch. Hexagenia time! Tips to get the most out of the hatch.

Quick Tip: Wind Drifting. This simple tactic for lakes is like cheating!