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River levels and report links for the Washington entry page can be customized here. Follow the instructions below.

With some systems and browsers you might get a message stating "We're sorry, but cookies are not enabled on your browser. We can't customize the entry page for you" when in fact cookies are enabled. If you get this message, try again right away. Usually it will work.


1. Make sure the "cookie" capability of your browser is enabled. (It comes that way. You would have had to deliberatly disable it).

2. Hold down the "Control" key (Windows systems) or "Command" key (Macs) agnd click the river gages you want. The entry page will show the current river levels and the date of the most recent fishing report. River gages are grouped by river basin (gray text)

Rivers Gages

3. Hold down the "Control" key (Windows systems) or "Command" key (Macs) and click the report links you want. The entry page will show the dates of the latest reports. (These fisheries don't have river gages, so they aren't included in step 2 above).

Report Links

4. To help us serve you better, please enter the zip code of your primary residence.

Zip Code

5. Click the GO! button

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