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About Westfly

Westfly is a non-profit website serving the Western fly fishing community. Westfly covers Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and western Montana. It provides current fishing conditions, fly patterns, feature articles, entomology and other fish food details, hatch charts for many western rivers, and other information. Westfly was created by Scott Richmond, who continues to edit the website and serves as Westfly's Executive Director

Westfly, Inc. is a non-profit corporation registered in Oregon. It is an approved 501(c)(3) corporation under the IRS tax code. Fly anglers are informed and educated via the website. In addition, Westfly provides financial support to projects that will improve fly fishing in the West


Westfly is always interested in feedback from users. If there are articles or website features you find especially useful, we'd like to know about it. But we also appreciate hearing about problems on the website, information you believe is incorrect, improvements you'd like to see, feature articles you recommend, etc. To send your comments, click the "contact us" link at the bottom of each page.

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