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Scott Richmond is Westfly's Executive Director, which means he is the website's editor, publisher, all-purpose techno-wonk, floor scrubber, and garbage can emptier. When users refer to "you people at Westfly," they're talking about Scott. He's it. No one else is foolish enough to do this job.

Scott is the author of four books in the Fishing in Oregon series: Best Fly Waters, Deschutes River (two editions), Cascade Lakes, and Endless Season. In addition, he has written and published The Pocket Gillie for fly anglers, and is the author of River Journal: Crane Prairie, and River Journal: Rogue River; the latter two books were published by Frank Amato Publications. For four years he was editor of The Riverkeeper, the newsletter of Oregon Trout, Oregon's largest fish conservation group. Scott also does occasional magazine work.

Scott Richmond lives in an unincorporated part of Clackamas County with his wife Barbara. They have two grown daughters, two horses, two cats, two dogs, and more boats than seems reasonable to Barbara.

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