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Here's a brief description of the major pages and entry points for Westfly. You can reach a page by clicking on the title of the page, which is in bold face. The descriptions are grouped in the order in which they appear in each navigation line.

First Line

This line contains links to web pages that are of general interest.

Home. Entry page for the website.

Forums. Westfly has a very active Bulletin Board, or Forum. The Bulletin Board is a 24-hour campfire, around which anglers meet, swap stories, and compare notes. It's a place to exchange ideas, ask questions, and check out current fishing reports.

Fly Patterns and Recipes. Westfly maintains a database of hundreds of fly patterns appropriate for Western fly fishing. Includes dry flies, wet flies and nymphs, streamers, steelhead and salmon flies, saltwater flies, and bass flies.

Entomology. Aquatic entomology for fly fishing. Information about aquatic critters that fish like to eat, not all of which are insects. For each food-type there is a description as well as a table showing which fly patterns and tactics will imitate the food-type.

Articles. Find fly-fishing feature articles in Westfly's archives. There are several ways to search for an article: by author, by subject, by keyword, and by date.

Basic Skills. A list of articles that are of particular interest just beginning their fly fishing career: knots, presentation, catch-and-release, how to find fish, etc.

Reviews. Reviews of fly fishing tackle, clothing, lodges, books, video, and other items of interest.

Classified Ads. Buy, sell, or trade fly fishing rods, reels, boats, and other gear on this page.

Photo Gallery. A place to share and view photos taken by Westflyers.

Links. Links to other websites that are useful to western fly anglers.

Auctions. To raise funds for improving fish habitat, public access, etc., Westfly.com periodically conducts auctions of in-kind donations from the fly fishing industry. Use this page to view auction items and place bids.

Second Line

Home. Home page for each state. These pages are the entry points for most users, the page you will want to bookmark for your state. On it you will find the current river levels for rivers you select (click where it says "Click to customize" just above the list of river levels). There are also a list of current feature articles, links to news articles, and a summary of special events for this state. Be sure to bookmark this page; it's how you keep up-to-date with your state's fly fishing.

  1. Idaho Home
  2. Montana Home
  3. Oregon Home
  4. Washington Home

Third Line

The third navigation line is specific to a state and is visible only after you have clicked on the state's name in the second navigation line.

Reports. pick a river or lake and find out what's happening right now: river levels, reports of fishing conditions, guides and lodges, etc.--everything you need for one fishery in one place. Westfly updates fishing reports three times a month during the main fishing season, and twice a month the rest of the year. Montana and Idaho are exceptions: reports are updated every two months during the winter.

  1. Idaho Reports
  2. Montana Reports
  3. Oregon Reports
  4. Washington Reports

This Month. What's happening this month: the best places to go, what flies to bring, special tactics, etc. Also, find out how to plan a trip for the future.

  1. Idaho Trip Planner
  2. Montana Trip Planner
  3. Oregon Trip Planner
  4. Washington Trip Planner

Hatches. Two kinds of hatch charts are available: summary charts that show which trout foods are important for each month of the year, and detail charts that show appropriate flies, types of water, and presentations to match each insect. Summary and detail charts are available for each state, and charts for individual fisheries are being added. From a chart, you can click on an insect, fly pattern, or presentation to learn more.

  1. Idaho Hatches
  2. Montana Hatches
  3. Oregon Hatches
  4. Washington Hatches

River Levels. Current and past river levels, organized by basin. Click for a graph showing levels at a gaging station over 7 days, 30 days, or one year. Click for a map of the river basin showing the location of gaging stations. (At this time, only Oregon has basin maps.)

  1. Idaho River Levels
  2. Montana River Levels
  3. Oregon River Levels
  4. Washington River Levels

Tides. An image map shows saltwater locations for Oregon and Washington only; if you're getting tides in Idaho and Montana the website is underwater. Click on the location or use the pull-down menu for a tide table. Different time spans can be selected.

  1. Oregon Tides
  2. Washington Tides

Guides+Lodges. A directory of fly fishing guides in the state, plus good places to stay while you're on the road, and other services, such as shuttles.

  1. Idaho Guides
  2. Montana Guides
  3. Oregon Guides
  4. Washington Guides

Event Calendar. Seminars, classes, special events, etc., of interest to fly anglers in the state. You may post event information, as well as read it.

  1. Idaho Events
  2. Montana Events
  3. Oregon Events
  4. Washington Events

Fly Shops. A directory of full-service fly shops for the state.

  1. Idaho Fly Shops
  2. Montana Fly Shops
  3. Oregon Fly Shops
  4. Washington Fly Shops

Fly Clubs. A directory of fly fishing clubs for the state. Currently, only Oregon is covered.

  1. Oregon Fly Clubs

Bottom Line

At the bottom of each page there are nine links, described below.

Advertisering. About advertising on Westfly.

About This Website. Background on Westfly and the website.

Site Map. You're looking at it.

Special Services. Special services include customized river levels tables, RSS feeds, and daily e-mails.

Contact Us. How to get in touch with Westfly.

Disclaimer. A reminder that if anything bad happens to you, it's not our fault.

Copyright Notice. How to stay out of trouble with our lawyers.

Privacy Notice. Westfly's privacy policy.

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