Standard Flies

Westfly bases its hatch charts and fishing reports on "standard flies." A standard fly meets these criteria:

  • Proven, productive pattern
  • Available in all or nearly all of Oregon's full-service fly shops

By varying the size and color, these flies cover nearly all of Oregon's commonly encountered trout and steelhead fly fishing situations.

One caveat: Standards are useful and make for tidy, compact fly boxes, but they aren't the only good flies out there. There are specialized patterns that might be very productive for a local river or lake. Or a fly shop may have a fly that they think is better than one of Westfly's "standards." If so, give it a try!

Also, there may be some new, innovative patterns that are very productive and work better than one of Westfly's "standard" solutions. In time, these new flies may prove themselves and become widely available in Oregon fly shops, at which point they will be added to Westfly's "standard" list.

Last, if you search the database of Westfly articles--or check out the Forum pages--you will find some remarkably good patterns from local tyers. Whip some up and take them to the water. You may create the next generation of standard flies!