Grande Ronde River

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► Use a sink-tip line and a standard summer steelhead deep swinging flies.

► Most runs are obvious to anglers with only modest steelheading experience.

► In general, fishing will be slow when it's cold here.

► Crowds will be down due to the time of year. However, the weather can be cold and/or snowy.

► Optimum flows are 800-1200 cfs. The Grande Ronde can blow out big time during a storm, and can take several days to drop back to a fishable level.

► Make sure you have licenses and tags for both Washington and Oregon; good fishing doesn't stop at the border.

► Keep an eye on the weather. The Grande Ronde is in a deep canyon, and you drop almost 3,000 feet to get to the river. The weather on top could be quite different than on the river. It could be a chilly rain while you're fishing . . . and a raging blizzard on the only road home.
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