Hosmer Lake

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The north end of Century Drive is closed at this time (April 20) but may open on April 26. Access into Hosmer make still be difficult, however.


► Hosmer might be accessible in late April, but it's doubtful. If you can get there, try damselfly nymphs, midge pupa patterns (static midge tactics). Or use count-down-and-retrieve tactics with dark size 8-10 Woolly Buggers, and similar flies.

Confluence Fly Shop 541-678-5351

Fin and Fire 541/548-1503

Fly and Field Outfitters 541-318-1616

The Fly Fisher's Place 541-549-3474

The Hook 541-593-2358

The Patient Angler 541-389-6208

Sunriver Fly Shop 541-593-8814

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