Stalcup Adult Damsel

Created by Shane Stalcup


Damselflies emerge out of the water, so the adults are not available to trout at hatch time. However, a few adults will fall unto the surface of the lake in August. It's an event that trout do not ignore. In fact, sometimes the fish lose patience and will leap from the water to snag a mid-air damselfly that is flying provocatively close. Unfortunately, the Hovering Remote Control Damselfly pattern has not yet been made practical and affordable.


Most Western damselflies are either blue or green, with blue being the most common. To produce a green damsel, use a green Pantone pen to color the abdomen and green poly yarn for the thorax.

How to Fish

If adult damselfies are around--and you see trout take them off the surface--tie on this fly and give it a few casts to see what happens. Dress it with floatant and use the chuck-and-sit presentation. Give the fly an occasional twitch as it lies on the water.

HOOK: 900BL, sizes 10-12


ABDOMEN: Braided leader material. Color with Pantone pen (available at art supply stores if your local fly shop doesn't have any).

WINGS: Zing Wing

THORAX: Poly yarn to match abdomen

EYES: Burned monofilament