Chironomid Pupa

Created by Randall Kauffmann


Imitates the pupal form of a midge. Although midges are usually associated with lake fishing, hatches are also common in many rivers. That "mystery" hatch you've experienced at dusk on your favorite river may be a midge hatch.


Vary the hook size and body color to match the natural insects. Common body colors are: black, gray, gray-olive, red, tan, dark brown. Most midges matched with hook size between 16 and 22, but some desert lakes have a spring hatch of midges that are size 10 and 12.

How to Fish

In lakes, use the static midge deep midge or slow retrieve presentations. On rivers, use the shallow nymph presentation.

HOOK: 900BL, sizes 10-20


TAIL: Clear Antron

ANTENNAE (GILLS): Same as tail

RIB: White silk thread

ABDOMEN: Black turkey biot; keep smooth and slender

THORAX: Peacock herl

WING: Grizzly hen hackle tips