Diving Caddis



HOOK: 1x heavy, standard length, turned-down eye; e.g., TMC 9300. Sizes 14-18

THREAD: Tan or dark brown


BODY: Haretron or equivalent, color to match natural; usually tan, green, or black

UNDERWING: Clear plastic cut to shape

HACKLE: Brown partridge

ANTENNAE: Two long white fibers



Several caddis species lay their eggs by crawling down rocks to the river bottom, or by diving into water and swimming to the bottom. Either way, many female caddis end up drifting in the current and are taken by trout.

Tie this pattern sparse.



Abdomen and wing colors are chosen to match the natural insect, but keep in mind that caddis turn darker as they get ready to lay their eggs. The most popular body colors are dark brown, dark olive, and black.


How to Fish

When caddis are seen to be laying eggs, present the fly on a wet-fly swing or dead drift it near the bottom with the tight line or trout indicator presentation.



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