Floating Nymph


Imitates an emerging blue-winged olive. When the surface tension halts its progress, the adult starts to crawl from the shuck; but it will be a while before it's out and ready to fly off. Trout recognize a helpless meal when they see one, so they gobble up the floating nymphs.


Floating nymphs work best during hatches of small mayflies. This dressing imitates a blue-winged olive; vary the size and color to match other small mayflies.

How to Fish

Dress the ball (only) with floatant and present as a shallow nymph.

HOOK: 900BL, sizes 16-18


TAIL: A few blue dun hackle fibers

ABDOMEN: Superfine, olive

WING: Ball of light gray poly dubbing

THORAX: Same as abdomen

LEGS: Same as tail