Wilted Spinach

Created by John Bartlett


This Soft Hackle variation was developed by Westfly user John Bartlett and developed a cult following among Westfly Bulletin Board members. Like a Soft Hackle, it suggesst everything from an emerging mayfly to caddis pupae to egg-laying caddis.


John ties it with a fat body for use in rivers, and a slimmer body for lakes.

How to Fish

Use a floating line and a wet-fly swing You can also use it as a dropper off a dry fly, or use the shallow nymph tactic.

HOOK: TMC 3761 or equivalent, size 14-18


TAIL: Two strands of pearl Krystal Flash, each tied in a loop

BODY: Equal parts of gold, blond, and orange Hareline dubbing. Blend, then dub.

HACKLE: Grouse or partridge. Leave long enough to flow to about the middle of the Krystal Flash loops at the tail.