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What to Expect in February

Note: This What-To-Expect is from Westfly's Legacy pages and may not accurately reflect the current fishing at this venue
If you pick your days and streams carefully, and set your expectations, winter fly fishing can be enjoyable. And it can be a miserable fruitless experience if you choose the wrong days.

It's not September, and you're not going to have many dry fly opportunities. Midge hatches provide occasional topwater action, and on warm days you might see a hatch of blue-winged olives. But nymphs and streamers will pick up most of the trout. Tailwater fisheries and spring creeks are the prime--but not exclusive--winter choices. By the end of February, we should see more blue-winged olive hatches if the days are bit warmer. Golden stonefly and salmonfly nymphs will become more active in late February, and some of them will slip into the current and be ingested by a waiting trout. Whitefish will still be spawning, and trout will pick up drifting roe.

So there's something other than tiny midge larvae and giant streamers to look forward to.


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