Idaho Rivers


What to Expect in April

Note: This What-To-Expect is from Westfly's Legacy pages and may not accurately reflect the current fishing at this venue

First and foremost: check the fishing regulations before picking a place to fish! These are online at the IDFG website.

As usual, weather and limited open water will govern April fly fishing. Warm weather at the end of March can mean a good start for April. However, a cold stretch could put the brakes on real fast.

Expect some blue-winged olive activity in the early afternoon. While hatches can be sporadic and of unpredictable intensity, drifting nymphs are common and represent one of the best fishing opportunities. Dead drift a size18 Pheasant Tail or Brassie near the bottom using either trout indicator tactics or tight line tactics. Slower runs and the insides of current seams are often the best places. During hatches, use a Baetis Cripple, Parachute Baetis, Comparadun, Sparkle Dun, or similar size 18 dry fly. Female blue-winged olives often lay eggs underwater, and this can be an excellent fly fishing opportunity.

A size18-20 CDC Bubble Brassie, Serendipity, or Blood Midge is a good choice, too. Some streams will see hatches of Skwala stoneflies; both nymphs and adults can be productive. Another option to remember is streamers, especially in water with brown trout.


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