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Westfly Shutting Down October 31

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  • Westfly Shutting Down October 31

    This is the hardest post I've ever made, so I'll get right to the point.

    After 21 years on the internet, Westfly will cease operation on October 31.

    There are two primary reasons for this decision. First, internet technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, but after 55 years in the world of computers and high tech, I have diminished enthusiasm for keeping up with that pace.

    The second reason is closely related to the first: I'm getting older. I remain fit, active, and in good health, but for the last few years I've been simplifying my life so I can better focus on family, travel, writing, and maybe even a little more fishing.

    Perhaps some bright and energetic techie-with-a-fly-rod will come up with new and better ways to serve the western fly fishing community. I certainly hope so.
    aka Scott Richmond

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    Thanks for all your work these past years. Sorry to see it go away. I hope you enjoy your extra time. Tight lines Scott.


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      This is both simultaneously awesome for you Scott and that hopefully it will give you some free time and relaxation not having to manage the site and herd cats... and terribly sad for the rest of us. Just echoing everyone's sentiments when I say quote so long and thanks for all the fish. And I have met so much friends and family through westfly my life is all the more richer for it I can't imagine who I would be without this community.


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        You provided a great forum for discussion, sharing and passion for the sport we all love. The world is moving so fast for all who love to share a sport which is based on slowing down and enjoying the moment. Hard to imagine it would arrive so fast and push so hard against small venues like this one. Best of luck and know that you helped connect like minded folks. Great work!