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Saying Hi and a Question on Brand Preference

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  • Saying Hi and a Question on Brand Preference

    Hello all! I initially started on here back in 05 or so with the likes of Big Ben and Jay and maybe a Scott? Ages ago, but lots of good memories.

    I'm back now and have been lurking around trying to see if a time aligns with one of my trips home to get in on a fishing trip. Anyways, I'm in a position now where I have a steady income and have been toying with getting some higher quality gear. I've been fishing cheap okuma, cabelas, LL Bean rods, reels, lines etc for quite some time.

    I've caught some great fish on them but like I said, I'd like start looking for some used quality gear on here and on eBay etc. but I don't know which brands or models to start with. I don't want to be THAT guy who goes into a retail store to search for a rod to then go home and buy online, so I thought I'd ask you friendly folks on your favorites and maybe start from there.

    Any input is greatly appreciated! Hope you all have a great weekend.

    Cheers, Jacob

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    Echo or TFO bang for ur buck


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      Yellowstone Angler does a rod comparison every year. Look back a few years (google 2015 5 weight shootout) and see what they liked and why. Good way to learn about the options.


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        I had a guy ask me this same question a few years ago. Basically, if you want to get a great deal look at the older 2 piece premium brand rods for sale. A 2pc Sage RPL or similar will fish really good. Ton's of this stuff is available on Ebay.

        That said, the MOST EXPENSIVE way to buy tackle is to slowly upgrade and hit every retail price point along the way. Look inside, set some goals, save up a few bucks and buy what you need to get there.


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          Reinforcing Dave;s post, depending on how much you want to spend, you can pick up a 5 year old ( or less) top of the line used rod on ebay or craigslist for less than half of original retail, and most of them will still be like new. Some of my spey rods and several of my one hand rods were bought this way. Rod design improved somewhat in the late 20- oughts and early 20-tenns and then has not really moved much since and I'm not sure how much lighter or faster they can really go. As Dave says, even the 20 year old rods are really quite good. Anyway, my two cents.
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            Jacob, to actually answer your post, which I neglected to do, you could not go wrong with either a Scott Radian or Loomis NRX. From hanging out in fly shops and having friends with different rods, I've cast most of the higher end stuff. The Sage 1 and Sage X 5 wts I personally think are too stiff and unresponsive, although those designs make for great spey rods. . I love the looks of Winstons but I personally find them a little soft. I have a Radian and really like it. It has a softer tip than the Sages but is just as powerful. I have also cast the Loomis and it is just as good. Hope this helps. I think you can find a really good used rod for under 400 maybe under 300.


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              Thank you all very very much! that is incredibly helpful. I know the big time rod names (sage, g. loomis, orvis, scott) but getting some ideas for the models is very helpful. I have been shopping around on ebay for used rods, and there are plenty, but I was overwhelmed by which model to choose. So right now I am thinking a NRX or sage RPL. Does anyone else have any input?

              So do most people just blindly choose rods off ebay and try them out? Then turn around and re list them in the event they dont like the way they feel? I love the idea of used gear upgrades while I am learning, but it is intimidating to spend 300 dollars on a rod I have never swung. But I suppose relisting and selling the rod isnt a bad option either. The big name rods seem to hold onto a bit of their value from what I can tell on my brief searches.

              Again, thank you all for the input. Feels good to be back on here!



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                You might consider going to your local fly shop and see what they can do for you in your budget. You get to test it out, support a local business, and get a great warranty....sometimes the new slightly less expensive rods are as good as the 5 year old premium ones. They might even have a used rod or two in stock.


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                  Go cast some rods yourself. That's really the only way you'll be able to tell what works for YOU.


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                    Oh believe me, I would love to go to a fly shop. But I am stationed way out in a rural part of New England and spend 8 months of the year underway on a big ship. So, I'm trying to maximize my time and just order some things for when i get back. Thank you all for the help! Looking up these names and finding a lot on ebay. Cheers!