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April 2019 Arts and Crafts Thread

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  • April 2019 Arts and Crafts Thread

    Look at this, me starting an A and C thread for the month.

    April cleaning:
    Click image for larger version

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    You can almost hear her "Why are you putting that there?? Put it over there!!"

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    Nice osprey photo! I like the way the feathers are spread and the how the light shines through them. And the branch in the talons for the nest--Well caught.
    aka Scott Richmond


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      a painting last week, " Click image for larger version

Name:	Ebb Tide.jpg
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ID:	10551 Ebb Tide"


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        When I discovered that I had chronic leukemia two years ago, I decided to make some life adjustments -- the most significant of which was to shut down my photo studio, where I'd been booking about 200 portrait sessions/year. My new condition has relatively few impacts on my daily life, other than fatigue, but that was enough to make keeping up with the workload unsustainable. So I have focused my business primarily on landscape work since then, and life goes on.

        But I do occasionally miss my clients, and the opportunity to create fun photos for them. Now and then, though, I come out of retirement to photograph one of my old-timers....last night was a fun opportunity to photograph my young friend KayCee, who was 15 years old when I started photographing her (with her parents chaperoning every shoot, at my insistence) -- she's now a 23 year old mom-to-be, and I used last night's shoot to look back on some of the fun we have had in the studio (and outside).

        Our first shoot -- Kaycee had been doing some modeling for local businesses and wanted to expand her portfolio. I needed people to practice my lighting on.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	5491296978_cf390f933c_o.jpg
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        A year or two later. KayCee wanted to do a retro-themed swimsuit shoot. The anachronistic modesty of the suit really helped to make the session successful.

        Click image for larger version

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        Fast forward to 2017. In her 20's, she no longer does modeling professionally, but now and then calls me up and says, "hey, wanna take some pictures?"

        From fashion to the infamous "reclining nude with pizza" shoot (not shown here), she always comes up with fun concepts for pictures.
        Click image for larger version

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        From the same session.
        Click image for larger version

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        Finally, April's creation. So fun to watch this young lady grow up into a mom.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	untitled shoot-1785.JPG
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          Great photos. The model is important but the photographer's skill is the key. Good job.

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        Great work Scott.


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          thanks, guys. Not the stuff I usually post here, but I try to mix it up a bit if I can.


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            Every April I volunteer some time to photograph pets at a local event. As the popularity of the event has grown I've gotten to the point where I'm photographing about 200 animals over a two day period.

            This year, I decided to shoot a few of them in a gang, rather than one at a time......

            Click image for larger version

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              Mouse cells infected with Chlamydia trachomatis.

              Blue labels the host cell nucleus, green is host cell actin, and red labels what are basically bags of intracellular chlamydia.

              Almost every host cell has a bag of chlamydia in it. The blue nuclei are about 12 microns in diameter.

              My friend Bob does a lot of microscopy.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	Chlamydia_microscopy.png
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              You don't need no gypsy to tell you why,
              You can't let one precious day slip by.


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                After 2-3 years (who can keep track?) of putting it off I've begun work on a new backpacking tarp. It's one of those Ray Jardine kits. I'm making good progress transforming a giant piece of sil-nylon into a functional piece of wilderness equipment. I'm pretty excited about it as my old tarp was only 6' x 8' and this one is 9' x 10' which is much more coverage and it will still be under 1 pound in weight. When it's finished will post up a picture, hopefully in another week or so. Also, I know some of you Westfliers have kids that are growing up fast so if you want to hit the trail this summer I'm an easy mark.

                4/14: Finished the tarp this weekend. It was a good rainy day project.
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                • Canuck from KS
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                  Good looking tarp, Dave.

                  Chin, At 7 and 9, make the kids be your pack horse.

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                  Ryan, let's get out there. You know how to get hold of me.

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                  hey KD, would that stay up on the Deschutes ?? and do you use the quilts/blankets ilo sleeping bag??

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                Started cleaning up the landscaping this afternoon. One of my favorite plants is about to bloom. Anyone else have prairie smoke?

                Click image for larger version

Name:	Prairie Smoke 800.jpg
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                  Well since it is craft related...

                  So last summer I helped a coworker move apartments. I had his kitchen table in my truck. I though it would be fine without straps, as it was packed around with other stuff. Well, long story short it took of like a glider out of my bed on HWY212 which did a pretty good belt sanding job to the table surface on his POS Chinese made table. One year later I finally got around to building him an new one to make up for the loss even though he was cool about it and didn't really care. Made mostly of some poplar lumber and a half sheet of beech plywood I had sitting in the garage. Made it with removable legs for easier moving next time.


                  The faces of all the drivers swerving to avoid a table that would explode like a cheap chopstick if you hit it is etched upon my memory.


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                    Wanna help me move?

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                  Originally posted by Patrick View Post
                  Started cleaning up the landscaping this afternoon. One of my favorite plants is about to bloom. Anyone else have prairie smoke?

                  none in my yard, but I've photographed it I think. I did a extensive project for the local conservation district last year and photographed a whole ton of native and/or low-water plants.


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                    As always, a lot of talent here! Thanks for the art, folks.
                    aka Scott Richmond


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                      I feel compelled to share this photo from Sparky's, an ice cream shop in Columbia, Missouri. The point is not Mrs. Fuzzy and Gandchild Fuzzy enjoying their ice cream. The point is the wall behind them. It's one of three walls covered with amateur art gleaned from attics and garage sales across Missouri. Kind of takes your breath away.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	sparkys.jpg
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                      aka Scott Richmond


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                        Art found is a special thing...sometimes found in the strangest places, yet still intact, and obviously cared for... a testament to connections made.
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                      With a little free time on my hands late winter, I built a couple of little librarys . One for our street and the other (a little off center) is off to Ashland.
                      By the way I always read this thread to check out all the talented and artistic fisher people.
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                      • Scott Butner
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                        Very cool! I wish I were handier with that sort of thing -- we live on a busy residential street, close to churches, a middle school, and a high school. We get tons of foot traffic past the place and it would be fun to have a little library on the lot (even though, we are also 2 blocks from the City Library).

                      • Patrick
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                        Very stylist as I would expect from you!

                      • Anj
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                        Scott, I'll put you down on my "make a library list" but don't hold your breath, its camping,fishing and garden time. I'll see what I can come up with. I'm am useing up leftover and recycled building materials I've accumulated over the years..