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Upper D Lost and Found and other musings

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  • Upper D Lost and Found and other musings

    On the Upper D yesterday:

    Lost: Pair of Scott sunglasses - lenses all scratched, 1 arm dangling, so won't be terribly missed; however, have no interest in spending $200-$300 for new glasses - after this last experience, definitely want glass lenses.

    Found: Fly box - convince me it is yours

    Other musings: Went into Blue Lagoon 2 weeks ago, just to see (heard it was low and the inflow very low); the main arm of the upper D into the Lagoon was bone dry, not a trickle. There was a small spring fed creek supplying a trickle. Hiked back in on Saturday after the rains, just to see , pretty good flow in the main river, not a deluge, but pretty good. Overall, the river above Crain is up a bit. it seemed to put the bite on. Had 2 great rainbows on (16+ inch), but both threw the fly on about the third airshow (one on a bugger, one on a hopper). Lots of 10 to 12 inch Bows and Brookies on hoppers.

    Another Upper D Moby minnow (14+ incher):

    Click image for larger version

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