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Floating Oxbow to Dabney

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  • Floating Oxbow to Dabney


    I am new to floating the Sandy and am thinking of going after Steelhead in the coming weeks. Looking for some advice on how long of a float is it assuming I would be stopping to throw some flies, any water I need to be concerned with (float WS to TC and PT to BT on Deschutes a lot), who a good shuttle is, etc. Is the Dabney pull out obvious as you come up to it? How crowded is it i.e. # of boats, number of guides boats, etiquette ?

    Basically just the general stuff.

    Appreciate any insights you can offer.


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    About 4-5 hours with stops. Nothing really challenging if your ok on the sticks. I couple tight spots in low water. Grant is the only shuttle option, but does a good job, just be sure to call him the day before, before 9pm. Dabney pullout is to the right, just before the Stark street bridge and just past the huge log pile. Can't miss it. It will be crowded, especially in the morning. Oxbow gate opens at 6:30. Guides, usuals, and complete amateurs, some days the jet boats will be in the lower mile or so with a heap of gear slanging sports. You'll have to pay for Dabney and Oxbow separately, one's a state park the other is regional. I swear it's a racket.


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      Just be sure to drive your trailer over the most rocky section of the put in... it will generate fish Karma for the float.