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    No problem here. Went to Bi-Mart yesterday and got everything needed for the new year of fishing (and parking) in paper form. Trimmed all the documents down to fit into my little Bi-Mart folder and put back in my fishing pack where I know where to look. I asked if the new electronic access reduced the crowd, and he answered, "Not at all, busy as ever, and with the new system we don't get the commission that was paid before".

    Best of luck to all!



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      I also went to Bi-Mart and got my copy-paper license. Took a picture of it, and the tag- then folded and slipped it into a waterproof phone pouch. When I tag a winter fish on a rainy day all bets are off. Perhaps that is an unnecessary concern- all the steel from last year were wild.
      Now all I have to do is remember to take it with me. Have had my license in my wallet for the past many years. We never knew how convenient things were.There is a saying that progress requires change, but not all changes are progress.
      Tried to check out the on-line system and my address would not allow me to verify. I have only lived at the same address since the 70's...... Currently on hold at 1:35 Over 12 minutes on hold....... After 30 minutes+ on hold, my wife suggested I try to verify by using Salem instead of Keizer as my residence. Even though Keizer has been a city for nearly 40 years, apparently Salem is where we live. ..... That worked to get me in, so I was able to get to a point to view my information on line.
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        To me, the catch record is the real flaw. I took pictures of everything as well. I will stick with paper and maybe next year do the electronic way. I like the waterproof paper idea, but is the ink waterproof?
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          The app is probably the way to go . . . long term. I think I'll let them work out the bugs for a couple of seasons.

          Two things I've learned about technology:
          1. Long term, technology will improve and make life easier.
          2. Short term, sometimes it's best to let the pioneers get all the arrows.
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          After a fair bit, I got it to work on the app. I also took screenshots of pertinent portions from the app just in case it DOES happen to be that the app doesn't work properly while out of range.


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            Licenses!?!?! WE DONT NEED NO STINKIN' LICENSES!!!!!!



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              Did the app thing. Took screen shots like Clarkman did. Fully expect to never be checked.


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                I bought mine via the app yesterday. I felt it was easy-peasy, though I am a borderline millenial. I saved the printable version as a PDF and will carry a copy as backup, and also took a screenshot saved to my phone.

                I personally loved not having to go to Bi Mart (especially if they don't get commission now). I also like that I can add other things on later. For instance, I'll wait to buy my combined angling tag until the day before my first winter steelhead trip. I always make it out there at least a few times each winter, but I'll hold off just in case circumstances dictate that I can't make it out and have to wait for springtime trout and bass.



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                  I did it! That got me feeling lucky so I tried posting a picture and that worked too. Could be time to go after steelheads!

                  Click image for larger version

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                    So, the other day, I think to myself, "I should go online and buy my license." I've done this several times through the state of California and it's been easy every time. Select what you want, purchase what's in your cart, print your docs, done.

                    Not so for me.

                    I have never created an ODFW account before online, so I register a new one. I try to purchase a license and it says I need to call a phone number and verify my SSN. I call, wait on hold for an hour and eventually hang up. I just couldn't wait any long. I went to Bi Mart today and apparently the signals got crossed, I inadvertently created a new account when I registered online, and had a hell of a time getting my license. Had to make several phone calls to ODFW and have the Bi Mart staff talk to them on the phone. Took about 45 minutes.

                    I don't usually rant online. Systems change, there are always hiccups, whatever. But if you start the process online, finish it there. Better yet, skip the whole thing and go to your local vendor altogether.


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                      The key to not having to call and verify SSN is to register using your assigned Hunter/Angler ID. I found mine on last year's license, and the process couldn't have been smoother for me. This is assuming you've held a license in Oregon before. I suppose things will be more difficult in cases where people truly haven't had an Oregon license before.

                      I don't know why the SSN is a requirement. Back when I guided and worked in a fly shop, I had to use the ODFW POS system constantly to sell licenses to clients and shop customers. It was maddening having to enter a SSN for new licensees. A lot of people didn't know theirs off hand, or needed a license for their child and didn't know their SSN, and were often traveling from out of state and didn't have that info handy. A handful of people were foreign travelers and had no SSN. Another issue was when people knew their SSN, but apparently forgot having held a prior license, so the system would tell me I coudn't make a duplicate record. Then I would have to call their hotline, and find out the customer's prior license had their name mis-spelled, contained a middle initial, or some other maddening discrepancy. This stuff happened all. the. time. The old system was hell on vendors, and they received pennies for all the time spent dealing with it.

                      I think once the wrinkles are ironed out, both customers and vendors will be very happy that the switch to this new system was made.


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                        Originally posted by jmwfish224 View Post
                        Better yet, skip the whole thing and go to your local vendor altogether.
                        I went to 3 local fly shops to buy my license this year, none could do it, ODFW had retrieved all of the POS systems. They did not seem too upset at this, I guess for reasons outlined above by SWD. After a bit of fumbling on the interwebs I was able to get mine online.



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                          Originally posted by stillwaterdan View Post
                          I don't know why the SSN is a requirement.
                          As I recall, it was an attempt to track down dead-beat dads who weren't making their child support payments. Of course, if they're not going to make support payments they'll probably just fish without a license . . .
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                            ...and because deadbeat women don't fish. ;-)


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                              As a follow-up, the folks at ODFW were able to reset my registration. They said that when you go in with your hunter/angler ID (now called ODFW ID), you have to enter all your information (name, address, etc) in ALL CAPS. THAT IS ALL THE SYSTEM WILL RECOGNIZE. ONCE I DID THAT, IT WAS SMOOTH SAILING.

                              NOW, HOW TO I GO BACK TO REGULAR TYPE?! /s